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September 2021
Good News Today - 22nd September, 2021 Subsidized home loan rates this festive season seem to bring in a change in consumer behavior. Home Buyers are now assured of a low EMI along with a waiver of the processing fee. This has fuelled the home buying demand this festive season and will help the banks to push credit growth.
India Today - 21st September, 2021 Banks gear up to slash home loan interest rate, waive processing fees and liberate concessional interest rates to nudge home buying demand and push up the credit growth.
CNBC TV 18 - 17th September, 2021 As far as the higher segment is concerned, because the stock has come down, the prices will go up there as well," he adds, "Logically, it appears that as of now, prices will go up between 5 and 15 percent in the next 12 to 24 months
15th September, 2021 The theme of World’s Engineer’s Day, 2021, is- ‘Engineering for A Healthy Planet- Celebrating the UNESCO Engineering Report’. Engineers create quality of life for us, along with technology advancements and innovation. We should celebrate engineers who are at the foundation of the pyramid in this process of human evolution
13th September, 2021 People who work more with their heart filled with passion are bound to be successful. All individuals should include a philanthropic perspective towards life which includes a number of non-profitable acts of kindness
11th September, 2021 A giving profession like teaching can become an integral part of one’s entrepreneurial journey. Close involvement with the profession throughout many initiatives can reach people to the granular level. Skill development program for the destitute is one way of giving back to society.
10th September, 2021 The crux of a Chartered Accountant degree helps one to understand better the nuances of running a business. The discipline to understand money in all aspects of life is well taught throughout the course of a CA degree
10th September, 2021 The overall market sentiments seem favourable for home buying with resilient economic recovery revived earnings, sectoral resumption, low interest rate, deal, sweeteners, flexi payment schemes, improved mobility and enhanced consumer sentiment driving the festive demand
10th September, 2021 Though the demand for ready to move in and nearing completion projects are garnering more traction, this festive season will witness roll out of new under-construction projects
7th September, 2021 Realty stocks are seen to be thriving recently which has a combination of things working towards their favor. The low interest rate and moratorium offered by the government has made the residential real estate market the best in the last two decades.
5th September, 2021 The new paradigm of teaching methods during the pandemic has revolutionised the sector. We congratulate the entire teaching fraternity for overcoming and ensuring a smooth learning process for our students. Happy Teacher’s day
Zee Business - 7th September, 2021 National Monetization Pipeline will accelerate up to Rs. 1 lakh crore worth of infrastructure across India.
The proposed National Monetization Pipeline needs to be implemented in a thoughtful way in order to progress towards growth and re-development of infrastructure in the country. Lower resilience and lesser opposition to development will help all cities to progress irrespective of their status quo. Quality of life becomes the epicenter of such development policies, promising better infrastructure and facilities.
July 2021
Money 9 - 29th July, 2021 Investment in REITs & InVITs preferred over other Volatile Assets
NDTV - 28th July, 2021 Companies will take a collaborative approach with employee wellness plus productivity into consideration differing across multiple industries
NDTV - 28th July, 2021 Companies will take a collaborative approach with employee wellness plus productivity into consideration differing across multiple industries
Zee Business - 27th July, 2021 Expansion and Consolidation trend will fuel demand for new office space leasing bringing work near home
Money 9 - 26th July, 2021 Small terms investment should be in REITs for better performance.
Money 9 - 24th July, 2021 Investment in Property for Long Term Security
Realty Plus - 17th July, 2021 Northern New Smart Cities Will Be Developed For Better Infrastructure and Mass Housing.
Realty Plus - 17th July, 2021 Next-Gen Professionals Needs to be Passionate and Determined for Quality and Brand Development
Realty Plus - 17th July, 2021 Skyrocketing Prices of Raw Materials ,Land Prices and Tax Burden Leads to Increase in Cost of Housing
Money 9 - 16th July, 2021 Lower risk of Investment ,steady returns and good rentals makes REITs attractive.
Money 9 - 16th July, 2021 Indian Real Estate will grow as demand for housing is inherent for stability and security
15th July, 2021 Skilling and Upskilling has gained equal importance to propel personal and professional growth
CNBC Bajar - 15th July, 2021 Office Space near Home
ET Now - 14th July, 2021 New offices are on demand for work near home trend gaining traction as an ideal Future of Work. Hiranandani group launches 2.6mn sq.ft office spaces in two towers Quantum and Centaurus at Thane project.
CNBC Awaaz - 14th July, 2021 Hiranandani Group develops 2.6M sq. ft. of commercial office spaces known as Quantum and Centaurus in Hiranandani Estate, Thane.
Zee Business - 13th July, 2021 Demand and Sales sentiment have improved among customers and prices will see incremental rise due to inflation
Realty Plus - 12th July, 2021 Sourcing of Quality Professionals has been challenging in Indian Real Estate
Realty Plus - 12th July, 2021 Space management will be redefined with a social distancing layout in commercial real estate development
Realty Plus - 12th July, 2021 Sourcing of Quality Professionals has been challenging in Indian Real Estate
Realty Plus - 12th July, 2021 Space management will be redefined with a social distancing layout in commercial real estate development
Realty Plus - 11th July, 2021 Real Estate Industry Should Attract Female Professionals by Improving Reputation of Industry
NDTV India - 11th July, 2021 Hybrid Work Culture will be the new future of Work
Realty Next - 10th July, 2021 Indian real estate is facing challenging times during a pandemic which leads to consolidation in the market
CNNNews18 - 10th July, 2021 Appointment of New Ministers Desire for Economic Growth
Realty Next - 9th July, 2021 New age millennial are well informed ,tech savvy, open for experiment and out of the box thinking which brings next level thinking in Indian real estate.
Realty Next - 7th July, 2021 What success means to you ?
Realty Next - 7th July, 2021 Data Center Future in India
Realty Next - 7th July, 2021 Prompting companies in India
Realty Next - 7th July, 2021 Second Home and Work from Home concept
MBTV by Magic Bricks - 5th July, 2021 Discerning homebuyers expressed stamp duty waiver as a booster dose for closing home buying sales across Indian property markets.
Naredco - 4th July, 2021 On Future of Hiranandani Legacy.
Naredco - 3rd July, 2021 Secret of Fitness and time management.
CNBC Bajar - 2nd July, 2021 Demand is subdued with a long gestation period due to travel bans, but demand for spacious homes is certainly on upswing.
1st July, 2021 On the occasion of National Doctor's Day, we commemorate the sacred oath that doctors across the nation lived up to during this immense crisis.
June 2021
Naredco - 30th June, 2021 Trend of Work From Home Concept & Demand Stimulation
Realty Next - 30th June, 2021 #conceptualization of landmark #township #hiranandanigardens #powai@RealtyNXT
Realty Next - 30th June, 2021 Passion and inspiration
Naredco National - 29th June, 2021 Difference between Current Pandemic Crisis and Previous Cycles Seen
Naredco - 28th June, 2021 Industry needs School of Real estate
Realty Next - 28th June, 2021 Prompting Companies in India
Naredco - 27th June, 2021 Building Professional Organization and Intact Team
Naredco - 26th June, 2021 Remain Ahead of the curve
Naredco - 25th June, 2021 On #Risk #Learning #Emphasis on #Design and Customer #Centricity
Naredco - 24th June, 2021 About Hiranandani Legacy Journey
22nd June, 2021 Yoga transforms Physical and psychological wellness.
22nd June, 2021 #Yoga reflects #corporate philosophy of top-down & bottom-up mechanisms
22nd June, 2021 #Yoga plays a vital role in shaping #professional & #personal mindset
News X - 19th June, 2021 PMO desires to attract global investment based on important economic pillars like Talent, Market, Capital, Ecosystem and Openness
NDTV - 15th June, 2021 Future of India's Rental Housing Market 2021
Realty Next - 15th June, 2021 A vision to transform location in to a thriving community living by Hiranandani Group- Powai, Thane, Panvel, Chennai
13th June, 2021 Q and A with students on launch of MBA Program in Real Estate by HSNC University
12th June, 2021 India Real estate 2021 Webinar by RE Max SSPL
ET Now - 10th June, 2021 Mumbai Model for Covid 19 Management
Republic TV - 8th June, 2021 On New Policy for Nationwide Vaccination
Zee Business - 8th June, 2021 Model Tenancy Act will boost Rental Housing
Aaj Tak - 6th June, 2021 Model Tenancy Act - A historic decision by Government
DD news - 5th June, 2021 On Model Tenancy Act
5th June, 2021 Happy Environment Day
CNBC Bajar - 4th June, 2021 RBI MPC Policy Outlook FY 21-22
ET Now - 4th June, 2021 Calibrated Unlocking is bound to take place
CNBC Awaaz - 4th June, 2021 Model Tenancy Act for Rental Housing in India
NDTV - 3rd June, 2021 Intervention by Government of India to help distressed sectors is highly important for GDP growth
1st June, 2021 On GDP forecast for FY 21- 22
January 2021
31st January, 2021 Expectation of Real estate industry from the Union Budget 2021 -22
CNBC TV 18 - 31st January, 2021 On Economic Survey 2021
29th January, 2021 The relevance of infrastructure investments by the Government as an integral part of the economy’s bounce-back, as also the aspect of fiscal multipliers being much higher in a recession/slowdown than during peaks were among the important points made in the Economic Survey 2021. The survey is an assessment of the year gone by and some estimates about the future, in the era of the Covid-19 vaccine, the survey comes up with some positives, if we were to look at doing a bit of crystal ball gazing
Aaj Tax - 28th January, 2021 For rental housing, enhancement in HRA Tax Exemption; an accelerated depreciation rate for the rental projects like in Commercial buildings and allowing ‘carry on’ of loss from rental income will make a difference. Similarly, affordable housing will benefit from increasing completion period to six years; while enabling concessional lending rate for Affordable Housing Projects. Extending the Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme (CLSS) for all segments will support home buyers. Alternatively, the rental income should be made fully tax deductible.
Money 9 - 28th January, 2021 Indian real estate has seen consolidation trends since some years now, especially post the reforms – industry, economy and taxation – not to forget demonetization. As a trend, it has consistently marked its presence
ET Now - 27th January, 2021 Real estate industry expects a boost in infrastructure spending to garner more investments, employment and economic growth from budget 2021
21st January, 2021 Real Estate sector demands enhancement of #HRA #tax exemption to encourage rental housing and Alternatively, the rental income should be made fully tax deductible
20th January, 2021 Additional stress fund , boost to affordable & rental housing, Rationalization of personal tax , job creation by boosting SEZ are key demands by the Indian real estate sector
CNBC Awaaz - 20th January, 2021 Steel and cement cartelization may lead to a hike in input cost at housing, eventually costing of homes may be inflated. Industry is hopeful of the government to regulate for fair trade practices
Times Now - 18th January, 2021 Union budget 2021 should chart a road map to complete pending Infrastructure projects along with boosting new infrastructure projects that will attract further investment in the economy. This will also lead to additional job creation
16th January, 2021 The on-going Covid-19 pandemic has impacted global economies and Indian real estate is not spared from the depths of despair. The fiscal impetus announced under Atma Nirbhar Bharat has led to renewed consumer demand that led to the emergence of green shoots in the Indian economy and real estate sectors. The laudable measures like tax rationalization, additional stress fund, ample liquidity tools will keep the momentum going and propel India towards a $5 trillion economy. Towards this goal, NAREDCO seeks to work hand-in- glove with the government to achieve this ambitious goal
ET Now - 7th January, 2021 It is a move expected to meet the urgent need for economic activity and generating employment. The industry will be injected with additional liquidity in the backdrop of cumulative policy reforms due to Covid pandemic, which has been considered as a 'force majeure' situation by the Government of India. This reduction in premiums will help in quick turnaround of projects and uplifting Industry sentiments
ET Now - 4th January, 2021 The trends which have emerged in the real estate sector amidst the crisis, importance of digitization & technology in the new normal, government’s spending on school & higher education and how covid-19 has created a paradigm shift in the Indian education system.
CNN News18 - 2nd January, 2021 Indian economy is bouncing back with manufacturing spurring up , factories resuming operations back to the 90%, vaccine dry run has instilled positive sentiments and fiscal impetus by the government is adding a dash of market booster.
1st January, 2021 Happy New Year 2021

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