The neighborhood matters in a pandemic!

Date : July 22, 2021

The neighborhood matters in a pandemic!

In today’s time, living a healthy lifestyle with a rational and serene mindset is a luxury and is considered a privilege by everyone. When times are tough, the power to deal with problems becomes eroded. Following the pandemic last year, people began to appreciate the value of having a shelter, and since then there have been several revelations and realizations.

Impact and After effects of COVID 19

In human history, COVID-19 has left an indelible mark. Many millions of people throughout the world are aspiring to a better life. The daily routine has been distorted by the tendency to have it become a place where everything from work to family time goes. Most people are now forced to live at home, which has impacted their income. It has become more common for homes to be used as an office, a playground, a school, and much more, which has caused an increase in pressure and tension affecting balance between work and life. Furthermore, many people are separated from their families and locked in their own rooms for extended periods of time.

The aftermath of the pandemic has led to a greater sense of compassion and a greater understanding of others while trying to minimize the spread of despair. One of the most defining moments of the COVID outbreak was when people realized their neighbours were like family to them and in times of such despair, it was the neighbours and the community that came to the rescue. Hence, living amidst a community of like-minded people brings forth enormous advantages and this where Hiranandani Homes break the clutter, as Hiranandani is not just about a home but an entire community.

What does Hiranandani provide?

1. The privilege of Community Living -

The Hiranandani community strengthens your support network to get you entirely focused on motivation and aspirations. Watching the news and hearing only sad stories each week are not helping your mental health; meeting your friends and talking about random stuff actually helps.

Hiranandani offers you the opportunity to meet people who share the same passion and mentality, which can help you build an amazing future for yourself. The benefit of having is a rare privilege that most people do not experience. But at Hiranandani Townships, community living is a part of life. Be it Hiranandani Gardens at Powai or Hiranandani Estate at Thane or One Hiranandani Park in Thane, cosmopolitan culture and a vibrant community life is part of all Hiranandani projects.

2. Advantageous Amenities -

Residents of Hiranandani also have access to fully equipped gymnasiums, elegant clubhouses , swimming pools, abundant open spaces, lawns, landscaped gardens, play areas, tree-lined walkways, serene jogging and walking trails and much more. The Hiranandani Townships are designed to provide all amenities that helps you lead a active life within the township. And to enjoy these amenities you have your friends, family, neighbours and an entire community where you are bound to come across like-minded people that share your interest. So with Hiranandani you can be rest assured that even during stress times of pandemic you have enough avenues to come out and lead an active life with your loved ones and not be just confined to your home 24X7.

3. Spacious homes -

Hiranandani Estate, Thane, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, and One Hiranandani Park offer enormously spacious flats, which are more beneficial than usual in this pandemic period and even more crucial. Since your house is now a place for your work as well as a place for your family time, you must have a balance between work and home, and a spacious home helps you achieve that balance very efficiently. Maintaining social distance is also a hallmark of a healthy lifestyle, and a spacious residence allows you to do that too. Living in a spacious home offers advantages such as having personal space for all members, which is essential to productivity and growth of a household.

4. Conveniences within the township -

At Hiranandani, the residents' health is always a top priority, ensuring a safe and secure environment. Hiranandani Hospital provides the perfect health support to all its residents and beyond and as a resident you have the advantage of having a world-class health facility almost at your doorstep. The Hiranandani Townships also provide world-class education through Hiranandani Foundation School and HFS International school within the township. Similarly it provides Haiko supermarket for all your daily needs and an impressive line-up of retail outlets to satisfy your shopping needs. In short, it provides everything within the township that you can wish for and as such you will rarely feel the need to move out of these townships. During the stress days of pandemic, this is the most imprtant privilege that is enjoyed by Hiranandani residents.

Hiranandani Townships also houses large corporates in the Hiranandani Business Park and as such walk to work or work near home is a reality for all Hiranandani Residents. It has offices of corporates like TCS, Nomura, Crisil, Deloitte, Credit Suisse, Bayer Crop Science and much more.


Every dweller of Hiranandani is sure to have access to all the above , no matter where they live – Hiranandani Gardens in Powai or Hiranandani Estate or One Hiranandani Park in Thane. So choose your dream home at any of the locations and you have plethora of options to choose from ranging from Studio apartments, 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK or even a 4/5 BHK apartment for the ones looking for a lavish home. You can choose your dream home by visiting and explore the world of Hiranandani with the various offers applicable on its different homes. And if you like, you may also book with a token of Rs.50,000.

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