The real estate sector is witnessing a rise in the female home - buyers

Date : April 6, 2021

The real estate sector is witnessing a rise in the female home - buyers

Sincean eon, the basic essentials for a man’s survival have always been food, clothing, and shelter. With leafing of the years, the value of a home has promoted from being a necessity to a safe haven. There has been a paradigm shift in the way individuals identify and value their homes today. Smart millennials who formerly preferred renting properties have changed their opinion and are now focusing on acquisition.

While this shift in the sentiments of home buyers was still palpable, with the pandemic besetting the world, a new reformationthat emerged as a hundred to one shot trend was the rise in the women homebuyers in recent years.

Women are now, no longer the influencer or joint owner of residential properties, but have taken a lead in terms of owning one as a solo or a first owner, considering home to be the cornerstone of their financial stability.

According to the survey, the majority of Indian women now choose to invest in real estate over gold, bonds, or even fixed deposits. According to the study, women's preference for real estate has increased since Covid-19, from 57 percent in the pre-pandemic edition to 62 percent in the current edition.

According to a study by a leading property consultant, “Women respondents agree onhousing to be their favorite asset class – even more than men.” Women made up 36% of the overall 3,900 people who took part in this study. Approximately 82 percent of surveyed women intend to purchase a home for personal use, while 18 percent intend to purchase a home for investment purposes.

So, what brought the shift in the trend? This reformation was also an outcome of Covid-19 that compelled people to make rational decisions about their health, safety, and the security of their wealth and income. The pandemic brought luxury real estate and quality of life closer together. As a possible new constant, work from home (WFH) has increased the demand for larger homes with workspaces. Both men and women now desire extra amenities including gyms, yoga rooms, and home theatres to make their homes self-sufficient. With spending more time at home, the esteemed consumers are looking to upgrade and invest in amenities that boost their quality of life without having to compromise on their convenience quotient.

This shift in trend was also supported by the government with a majority of banks offering home loans to women home buyers at lower interest rates and this has resulted in women purchasing properties even in their early working years.

Consequently, the introduction of various reforms, including RERA in India has boosted the morale ofinvestors and buyers seeking to benefit from premium real estate opportunities. Despite COVID-19, RERA provides more clarity, registered properties, a simplified method of interaction, and trustworthy developers, making the prospect of purchasing property in India even more appealing to all, including NRIs.

However, the biggest boost which can propel more women to make the big decision is the recent announcement by the Maharashtra state government to offer a 1% concession on stamp duty if the house is registered in a woman's name. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for all women homebuyers who are still contemplating to make the biggest purchase decision of their life. The stamp duty benefit, lowest home loan rates ever, and assurance of project delivery by RERA, presents the best opportunity for all women to look at real estate as the primary asset class, ahead of others like stocks or gold, and consider investing and owning a residential property in one’s name.

However, when it comes to buying a property, choosing the right home is of paramount importance and the pandemic has taught us just that. Selecting a home with the right mix of spacious living areas, open spaces, gardens, jogging track, amenities, and conveniences like school, hospital, markets and even your workplace nearby is of utmost importance.

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