Invest the millennial way

Date : April 28, 2021

Invest the millennial way

With the Work From Home (WFH) culture being the new standard, a greater share of investment in Indian real estate is coming from working enthusiasts and young millennials looking to secure a lifestyle of their own with a home of their choice. There has been a rise in demand for larger 1, 2, and 3 BHK homes in the island city, suburban Mumbai, and the MMR area from first-time homebuyers who moved out of rental housing to own a home of their own, citing safety as a factor.

According to the 2019 Deloitte Millennial Survey, 49% of millennials want to own a house. The interesting aspect is that 3/4 of these 49% are confident they would want to fulfil their home-buying dream.

In addition, the pandemic provided a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for these millennials to reverse migrate to the city from Mumbai's surrounding areas or from other cities, a dream realised thanks to plenty of new policy initiatives that benefitted them all. Before deciding on a project, the new-age buyer, also known as the ‘Gen-Y' homebuyer looks for comfort, ease of access, proximity to commercial and business hubs, as well as the availability of various amenities.

Hiranandani Group is the most trusted name when it comes to real estate in India and has over 40 years of experience in delivering quality real estate projects. Since its initiation in 1978, the trust of individuals in Hiranandani Group has been the establishment for the group’s prosperity and their immovable confidence has spurred the group to deliver significantly more than just homes; it has delivered India’s best integrated townships and a lifestyle for its residents, that is beyond compare.

Key Factors Millennials are looking for while buying a home :

1. Sustainability :

When it comes to choosing a house, the "main focus" of the younger generations is sustainability.

Gen Y are essentially an environmentally responsible group of people. Residences designed to save energy and water, as well as those built with environmentally friendly materials, are appealing to these environmental friendly buyers.

Hiranandani is known for building environmentally friendly homes that include rainwater harvesting, sewage water recycling, and other features. Hiranandani Group also focuses on earthquake resistant homes by using the best-in-class technology. As a result, if you're a millennial looking to invest in a brand, there is no better place than the Hiranandani Group.

2. Lifestyle:

Extended periods of pandemic-induced disengagement have increased the advantage of staying connected, and covid restrictions have changed how people function as well as how they handle relaxation time.

Millennials often seek out homes which offer lifestyle amenities so that they can engage in a variety of activities. Townships such as One Hiranandani Park and Hiranandani Estate in Thane, and Hiranandani Gardens in Powai offer amenities such as a swimming pool, lush green landscaping, yoga decks, jogging and cycling tracks, indoor and outdoor sports activities and many other recreational amenities, thus making it the perfect choice for young millennials looking to buy their first home. Moreover, these townships also provide convenience of all facilities at your doorstep such as multi-speciality hospitals, multiple schools, supermarkets, hi-end retail and restaurants and 5-star hotels. In short, it provides you with everything that one could ask for to lead a lifestyle that most aspire for.

3. Good Location:

Another factor that Gen Y considers when choosing where to live is comfort. A few people in this age group are also interested in limiting the vehicle use to reduce their carbon footprint, so being a short walk or drive away from critical services, family, and friends is important.

Powai has become the hotspot of new age businesses with MNC’s and new age start-ups setting up their offices at Hiranandani Business Park in Hiranandani Gardens. Hence, for millennials looking for their first home, 1BHK homes at Regent Hill provide the most lucrative option to enjoy the Hiranandani township life and get the privilege to enjoy the perfect work-life balance.

4. Multi-purpose homes:

Numerous millennials currently see homes not as a spot to rest and withdraw, but as "way of life centres" for a scope of various activities, particularly with what occurred during the pandemic. The pandemic has made us realize the importance of space in our homes, particularly with ‘Work From Home’ becoming a new normal and thus most homebuyers today look for that extra space that could give them the required flexibility and comfort in these testing times.

Hiranandani provide a wide plethora of choices when it comes to spacious homes. The spacious 2 and 2.5BHK flats at Eagleridge or the 3BHK apartments at Cardinal and Phillipa at Hiranandani Estate, Thane or the ultra-luxury 3 BHK homes at Clifton at One Hiranandani Park, Thane give the required flexibility of choice to the new-age homebuyers.

Conclusion :

Recognizing that another pandemic could retaliate, these new-age home buyers are investing in larger living spaces to ensure their protection tomorrow. The preference for townships with a green cover that keeps health and wellbeing in check is one notable feature here. The demand for large spaces that can accommodate WFH and online learning will continue to be high. In addition, proximity to the offices is important to prevent excessive travel and public transportation exposure.

Keeping in mind the current COVID-19 situation in Mumbai, Hiranandani Group’s website offers a wide range of features such as video conferencing, virtual tours of the sample flat, live online availability of flats, 24x7 customer service, live quotations and easy & secure online booking and payment. You can now book your home at the comfort of your home and get all the updates of the latest offers and upcoming projects at your fingertips.

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