Initiative taken against Covid-19

Date : October 29, 2020

Initiative taken against Covid-19

Duke Ellington rightly said, “A problem is a chance for you to do your best.” The Covid 19 pandemic has not only shaken the India economy but also enlightened everyone to help the less privileged in any way they can. Whether it be your house staff or your office employees or workers, every individual and company is doing their best to stay strong in this crisis and do the best they can.

Keeping the safety and security of the labourers and staff as their priority, Hiranandani Developers has come up with a comprehensive strategy to minimise spread of the virus. Since most of on-going construction work by the Hiranandani Group is in existing townships, they have followed procedure in sync with norms and regulations issued by the government and are also co-operating with authorities to ensure that optimum care of the township citizens is also taken care of.

At on-going projects of the Hiranandani Group, site labour was convinced not to migrate and precautions against the infection were immediately implemented. This was done by designating the Pest Control teams to reach out to labourers, support staff and security guards, also ensuring safety and securing all the common spaces. In Powai, regular awareness programs are run through their in-house teams to the labourers staying at the various colonies. Posters bearing awareness on Covid-19 have also been put up for display. Verbal lectures as well as practical training is provided to all staff to ensure safety of the highest standards.

At both sites, Powai and Thane, sanitisation and disinfectants have been constantly made available to the labourers as well as the staff and they have been explained the importance of hand washing with soap and social distancing as well as personal hygiene. All on duty security guards and services staffs are provided with hand gloves, face masks and sanitisers for additional safety and temperature and oxygen level of construction labourers are monitored every day before they join their duties.

With labourers staying on the premises with their families, adequate measures have been taken to ensure that the children are safe and happy. Mobile creches manned by the Hiranandani in-house teams have been set up within the premises. Education and entertainment for all the children are both being taken care of at the same time.

In Powai, deep cleaning of the labour colonies is also frequently carried out along with fumigation and anti-larval treatment by their in-house pest control department to control mosquito menace. A sanitisation process with sodium hypochlorite treatment is provided to all their offices, commercial complexes, common areas and pathways at regular intervals. In addition, fogging of the entire township as well as daily cleaning of the internal roads is being done and the in-house teams have been sanitising elevators and entrance lobbies three times a day.

Adequate grocery supplies have been maintained for all workers so they do not leave the area for grocery shopping and risk contamination. Additionally, they are provided with energy products like flavoured milk, chaas, lassi and A2 Milk as well as juices and snacks on regular intervals. At Powai, 2500 construction workers are fed lunch and dinner everyday and in Thane, the team has coordinated with the government authorities to make provisions for the workers for meals through the Atal Aahar Yojana. Whenever any stoppages have occurred, the Hiranandani Group has catered for their food for those days. Sweets were also distributed on festivals and Independence day.

The hospitals are equipped to handle covid cases from as early as 23rd January, 2020. A special “Fever Clinic” section was also created for testing and diagnostic purposes which is equipped with a consultant doctor, resident doctor, nurse, lab technician and an administrative person on 12-hour shifts. PPE kits and masks have been arranged from before the lockdown in India and a special red corridor as well as specific lifts and floors have been earmarked for the care of Covid-19 patients.

All doctors and nurses have been residing in the 5-star hotels in the vicinity and the rest of the crew is living in fully furnished flats nearby. With travel and food to and from these locations to the hospital being taken care of by Hiranandani Developers, work at the hospital has been continuing smoothly. This has enabled them to do regular health checkups by qualified doctors at the labour camps which has greatly boosted the morale of the labourers as well. Many workers have come forward and donated their plasma as well to others in need and are continuing to do so with each passing day.

With the pandemic not letting up anytime soon, Hiranandani Group has tried to make the best of the situation by following all the rules and regulations and doing right by their staff and labourers at the same time. While we all try to do the same, the only way to get through this is to always remember - “This too shall pass.”

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