What Makes Hiranandani Homes A Feeling Of A Lifetime

Date : January 29, 2021

What Makes Hiranandani Homes A Feeling Of A Lifetime

When medical science was being challenged, just the four walls of our homes granted us the safety we needed. In the past year, the entire world has truly experienced why homes are called a safe haven. Homes have always carried a sentimental value as well as great fiscal value. Hence, just owning a home is not enough but owning a piece of your own space where every comfort and convenience comes to you and creates your very own private world is what the aspirational homebuyers seek.

True Mumbaikars, by birth or by heart, have always described Mumbai as a feeling. But with the swelling population in the city and infrastructure, this feeling needed to be preserved. And it was indeed preserved by an innovative vision and iconic infrastructures of the Hiranandani Group. Since its inception in 1978, Hiranandani Group has carved a niche for itself firstly, by bringing the old Bombay essence through its neoclassical, Greco-Roman architecture and secondly, by creating a sustainable ecosystem. Known to incorporate innovations in terms of technology as well as architecture, the group has been committed to delivering superior quality and homes that provide more than just a space to live. Hiranandani is an initiative to bring the architectural prowess of Mumbai over the years into one single place where every single element and structure could speak of the tales of the city since its very inception.

An ecosystem that is the ultimate balance of modern living and provides the best version of every facet of life in a community that grows and thrives together is what you experience at Hiranandani. A community of like-minded individuals who inspire one another, grow together and share happiness together through social gatherings and events like The Annual Hiranandani Powai Run’ and Hiranandani Thane Half-marathon, ‘New Year – Winter Light Fiesta’ and ‘Carnival of Lights – Diwali’. Here, a different world greets you where you feel whole with your loved us and the people around you, and happiness and romance is always in the air. Creating invaluable memories and living treasurable moments.

The built-to-suit office spaces which house some of the biggest names of the commercial industry. TCS, WeWork, Bayer Science Corp., ICICI Bank, etc. have already established firms at Hiranandani Business Park, Thane while at Hiranandani Business Park, Powai CRISIL, Colgate, British Gas, Deloitte, Nomura, Tata Projects, Credit Suisse and others. Here, your ambitions are fulfilled in an environment with ample opportunities for your business or career to grow. The life you have worked hard for and stopped at nothing to achieve what you get to experience with Hiranandani and the walk to work living it caters. With the big names and modern office spaces, you get to experience leisure at another level. The Walk -Thane, the high street shopping hub, which offers branded retail stores and the finest restaurants, and exclusive hotels like Fern and Rodas in Powai and an upcoming 5-star hotel in Thane all surround you with immeasurable convenience and luxury only a few get to experience in life. This ease of walk to work concept will act as your highest motivation, the biggest cheerleader of your life.

Equipped with premium amenities like swimming pool, gymnasium, tennis court, badminton court, squash court, table-tennis, snooker table, kid’s play area, jogging and cycling tracks, abundant outdoor space, yoga & sitting area for all age groups, 24*7 security services with 20+ trained commandos who are vigilant & readily present, the lifestyle features at Hiranandani bring all the comfort and leisure to you. The Clubhouses in Powai - Eden Clubhouse, Forest Clubhouse, Racquet Club and in Thane - Racquet Club, Hiranandani Estate Clubhouse cater an exclusive experience to you where you don’t have to step out for anything. At Hiranandani, you are flanked by the premier educational institutes of India like Hiranandani Foundation School IIT Bombay, Poddar School, SM Shetty, Bombay Scottish School, IBS Mumbai and have the state-of-the-art Hiranandani hospitals at Powai and Thane to take care of you and your loved ones. Where WHO recommends 1 Hospital bed per 550 people, Mumbai has 1 Hospital bed per 3000 people but at Powai’s Hiranandani Hospital you have 1 bed for 100 residents.

Clutter-breaker, the finest luxury, a lifeline, the biggest aspiration is what Hiranandani is to its residents. Hence, the homes at Hiranandani are a beacon of originality, uniqueness and your ultimate desires, your feeling of a lifetime.

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