Real Estate Industry Adapts Ever-Evolving Technology With Digital Homebuying Experience

Date : September 21, 2020

Real Estate Industry Adapts Ever-Evolving Technology With Digital Homebuying Experience

Digital transformation is changing market places as well as how consumers are purchasing goods and services. The way we shop has been changed thanks to Amazon while the entertainment industry has been modified by Netflix. The digital experience is seeping in our lives through different aspects. Hence, every industry is jumping on the digitalization bandwagon, including the real estate industry. Considering that about 44% of people1 start their home buying process online and with the current generation being more inclined towards a technology-driven and convenient approach, the real estate sector has been profoundly impacted with digital changes. Considering the increasing influx of millennial homebuyers demanding a more digital homebuying experience, realtors are upping their digital game and making it the core of their services.

The three major reasons that have caused a change in the consumer environment are -

  • Ready access to a lot of information. Today, consumers don’t need to depend on an agent to get information about a property, home or even the processes. With just a click, they get access to photos, layouts, project information, the legal status of home and the availability status.
  • Millennials form the largest group of homebuyers and a technologically driven generation like this is not interested in investing days in housing hunting. They rely on technology to get the optimum results in a desired focal time.
  • Availability of relevant information has made modern consumers well informed. The current generation has access to an endless source of real-time information at their fingertips and so, they are equipped with all the basic, relevant knowledge about their desired home on the go.

In addition to the changing consumer perspective, the real estate sector is also an ever-evolving industry which has to adapt to the changing external factors like-

  • The economic condition
  • Consumer spending
  • Changes in the livability expectations of the homebuyers
  • The standards of the overall lifestyle, comfort, security and community experience

As the market changes and homebuyers preferences change so must the marketing and sales approach. Digital engagement is becoming the core approach of the home buying process. From investing in digital marketing, user-friendly websites to creating walkthroughs and apps, newer engaging and convenient methods of interactions are being introduced to homebuyers.

Especially, as the new normal is pushing the world towards digital it is important for developers to improve today’s digital experience. To keep delivering homes to their customers even amidst a pandemic, the Hiranandani Group came up with a one-of-a-kind fully digital experience to help customers choose from the group’s best offerings in high-end Residential Townships of Hiranandani Gardens, Powai and Hiranandani Estate, Thane seamless and also in its premium offering of Palatial Living at One Hiranandani Park, Thane. Being an ambitious and technology-driven organization, the Hiranandani Group created This incredibly user-friendly website is committed to offering a new standard of homebuying with authentic, real-time data on live inventory and comprehensive and relevant details about the property to help you choose the right home with ease. The website has loads of features like:

  • Immersive Virtual Tour and Project Videos
  • Brochures and floor plan booklet for download
  • Instant video call or voice call connect with the Relationship Manager
  • Chatbot facility
  • Detailed floor and layout plans and township amenities
  • Live inventory details with price quotations
  • Instant online booking facility with a deposit of Rs. 50,000
  • Information on offers
  • Home loan sanction option from leading banks offers a completely accurate, transparent and instant experience to the digital home-buying approach. Hiranandani Group always aims at offering only the highest standards to their customers and this digital initiative does exactly the same.

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